Better Grades. Less Stress.

Balance your homework

so you can produce better results with less stress.

Free yourself from the stress of living deadline to deadline.

  • With a semester homework plan, you can work ahead as needed, in a balanced way. Enjoy your leisure time because your homework time is focused and strategic.

The homeworktree planner actually drafts the plan for you.

  • Enter your class information, hit Submit and let it plan your homework, balanced over as many weeks as you have until your deadline.
  • You can then make adjustments as needed, print off your weekly checklists, and choose reminder emails for specific deadlines.

For more on how homeworktree is different, click here.

now FREE

As of Summer 2009,
the homeworktree planner is now completely free!

Yup, in the time it takes to write a list of your assignments, you can enter them into homeworktree and automatically generate a semester plan.

So tell your friends it's free!

Try it again, for the very first time

In the past 6 months we've had ongoing updates, including:

  • the ability to "fix" an assignment in the week before it's due
  • new calendar view
  • simplified updating
  • more, faster and easier customizability
  • new navigation
  • and best of all - it's free!

Be Free

This week I was talking with a university academic skills coach, and she said that as soon as students put together a homework plan in their first few sessions with her, "they feel so free!"


It doesn't take much. In the time it takes you to write out all your assignments, you can enter them into Homework Tree and get a customized, homework plan that is easy to update when you get behind.

Go for it. Be free.

Top 10 Freshman Challenges

A University of Northern Iowa survey revealed that 9 of the top 10 challenges facing freshmen were academic adjustments.

Don’t freak out – plan out

When I started grad school, I was freaked out. The school I was attending had a reputation as one of the top academic theological schools in North America, and I was intimidated just walking in the building.

My first class there happened to be a summer modular class, and I felt like the prof changed the topic every time I made a comment in the discussion (which, in my mind, meant: “O-kay, then… Well, we don’t want to go down that path, so let’s move on to something com-plete-ly different…”).

A lot of blogs seem to talk about being super-successful, super-confident, rah-rah-rah… But let’s face it – when any of us start something totally new, it’s intimidating.

After living in that fear for a few days, I realized I needed to re-gain some control. Since then I’ve learned about myself that if I want to gain confidence, I should prepare more. If you want to be confident in the face of a mountain of hundreds of hours of homework to somehow finish in the next 12 weeks, start planning.