Top 6 Habits to Improve Your Grades

1. Write down why you’re here

  • On the hard days, it will really help to remember this, and you’re more likely to remember it if you write it down.

2. Make a plan

  • Time management isn't just about getting more done, it's also about relieving stress. Control over your schedule leads to balance, which will help you get the most out of all aspects of life.

  • So, make note of all your deadlines, estimate how much time each task will take, and fill in your schedule backwards, so that you start early enough. Especially with papers, you need to start earlier than you expect.
  • Use our homework planner to make this quick and easy.

  • 3. Attend every class

    • It takes at least twice as long to catch up on on content missed during class, so save yourself the time and go to class.

  • There’s no way around it: missed classes will affect your knowledge of the course material, and the more you skip, the easier it is, and they start to add up pretty quickly.

  • 4. Review before and after class

    • Take 5 minutes before each class to review your notes from last time, and 10 minutes right after class to clarify and tidy your notes from today. It will pay huge dividends in your retention, and cut down on your review time come exams.

    5. Make it a habit, early in the day

    • Habits don't take much energy, you just do them automatically. And when you get something good and productive done early in the day, it invigorates you to be more focused for the rest of the day.

  • So combine these two realities, and make it a habit to get homework done early in the day. Fit in an hour before class or right after an early class, and the rest of the day you'll be more effective.

  • 6. Plan to take a day off

    • Choose a day of the week and commit to yourself that you won’t do homework on that day. It will be tempting, but stick with it. It’s a powerful way to decrease your stress, but also to regularly remind yourself that your schoolwork serves you, you’re not here to serve it.