Christie Goode Bio

Christie began her career as a nerd at the tender age of 7, when her mom bought her an extra math workbook from the local department store, and she finished it in two days.

From such an illustrious beginning, she went on to fail a Grade 9 class for gifted students (for not doing any work), and then failed Bio 101, despite winning the Grade 12 Biology Award (labs? what labs?), and then failed Linear Algebra two years after that (the prof, T.A. and tutor all taught a different way to solve the problem sets… and spoke a different version of English).

But she persevered in her classes, juggling homework with

Being a varsity volleyball player
Bookings as Miss Calgary adding a layer.
An AIESEC member and student rep,
A campus tour guide and a racquet club schlep.
She’s been a hostess, barista and waiter too
Managed gyms and events and had so much to do.
Three years as a coach burned her right out
Her players were great but the pay made her pout.
Library fundraising finished really well
They raised lots of money and her colleagues were swell.
With her many years on campus she must be a nerd
But she wants to help others – or that’s what I’ve heard.
Now she’s started this website full of coding and links
Let’s hope it goes well cuz her poetry stinks.

Somehow through the years (and despite her crappy poetry skills) Christie ended up with a master’s degree and a lifetime GPA of 3.85/4. After 13 years as a post-secondary student, she wishes she had started out with some of the skills she ended with.

So that’s why she’s here, doing this website. To share a few survival tips she wishes she’d learned sooner, and to encourage you to share yours.