A while back I met someone on the Skytrain who really impressed me. He was a construction worker, had his boots and hard hat, and was heading home from work around 6 o’clock that night.

As soon as he started up a conversation, it was obvious he wasn’t university educated. When I told him I ran a website for university students, he excitedly told me his story.

He left home at 16 to start working, joined the military, served two tours as a peacekeeper in Bosnia, and was now working in construction. He had somehow managed to get conditionally accepted into Simon Fraser University, provided he could get his high school equivalency by the end of September. So every day after work he went home to do a few hours of homework, struggling through more modules in his high school program.

He wanted to get an education, but was finding it hard. He’d been in combat and had faced death every day, but he said university scared him even more. It was so different. So unknown.

I didn’t get his name that night, but I just want to say, whoever you are, good for you. I hope one day to develop the same courage…