Don’t freak out – plan out

When I started grad school, I was freaked out. The school I was attending had a reputation as one of the top academic theological schools in North America, and I was intimidated just walking in the building.

My first class there happened to be a summer modular class, and I felt like the prof changed the topic every time I made a comment in the discussion (which, in my mind, meant: “O-kay, then… Well, we don’t want to go down that path, so let’s move on to something com-plete-ly different…”).

A lot of blogs seem to talk about being super-successful, super-confident, rah-rah-rah… But let’s face it – when any of us start something totally new, it’s intimidating.

After living in that fear for a few days, I realized I needed to re-gain some control. Since then I’ve learned about myself that if I want to gain confidence, I should prepare more. If you want to be confident in the face of a mountain of hundreds of hours of homework to somehow finish in the next 12 weeks, start planning.

That’s why I created the homework planner. Because I know planning out the semester seriously relieves stress when you’re a student, and I want planning to be as easy as possible for you.

Best of luck.