Top 10 Freshman Challenges

A University of Northern Iowa survey revealed that 9 of the top 10 challenges facing freshmen were academic adjustments.

(The quotations are student comments from the survey.)

  1. Personal responsibility
    "In college you have freedom to do as you go where you do as you wish. Unfortunately, this freedom is easily abused. The student carries 98% of the responsibility and control."

  2. Class attendance
    "As a college student, you will decide whether you want to go to class or not. Being absent will hurt you in the long run."

  3. Teacher attitudes
    "Your instructors will not hound you to do your work. It's entirely up to you."

  4. Types of assignments
    "In high school we were given a homework assignment every day. Now we have a large task assigned to be done at a certain time. No one tells when to start or what to do each day. Once you get an assignment, start working on it right away. It takes a daily effort to keep up."

  5. Importance of performance
    "Don't take your courses or studies lightly. The decisions you make in college will decide your future, in some respects. Remember that you are here for an education."

  6. Time management
    "The amount of free time you have in college is much more than in high school. Always have a weekly study schedule to go by. Otherwise, time slips away and you will not be able to account for it."

  7. Amount of study
    "In high school I was a B student without studying. In college I was a C/D student without studying. To succeed, you have to study!"

  8. Size of institution/classes
    "Lecture classes are much larger than high school classes. This can be scary for a new student."

  9. Difficulty of college work
    "College is probably going to be tougher than high school. Don't let that stop you!"

  10. Social life
    "Sometimes it seems harder to make friends because of the size of the school. But there are a variety of organizations and activities. Get involved and meet the people!"
So with all these adjustments to make, how can you decrease your stress? Homework planning.

Whether you use the Homework Tree planner, or a paper daytimer, or whatever, just take some time to make a semester homework plan.

Ignoring an impending avalanche of homework isn't empowering.
Planning for it is.