I’ve been a college volleyball coach,
so I’ve heard it all before.

I'm sure you have too.

  • I can’t come to practice today because my paper is due."

  • “My prof is mad that I keep missing Friday classes.”

  • “I’m way behind on my schoolwork because of being on the team."

  • “Um… I failed two classes last semester...”

  • The homeworktree semester planner can help.

    Athletes who set up weekly homework checklists, balancing their schoolwork throughout the semester, are better prepared for the demands of training and competition.

    And it provides a context for you as a coach to minimize the interruptions to your program.

    1. Your athletes are less likely to try to skip practices (or competitions!) because of schoolwork.
    2. You're less likely to lose athletes to academic ineligibility.
    3. You're better able to show parents and recruits that you care about your athletes’ education.

    • For more information, or posters or bookmarks to give to your athletes, please email us here.