How to Write an Essay

(Also called a Term Paper or Research Paper)

I hate to say it, but papers are a lot of work, so you better plan for it.

These are the basic steps to writing an essay:

  1. initial preparation:
    • read your assignment (twice)
    • develop your topic
    • develop a research question
    • develop a provisional thesis
    • consider the type of information you will need to research

  2. find, review & evaluate books

  3. find, review & evaluate journal articles

  4. find, review & evaluate bibliographies or statistics

  5. find, review & evaluate sites from the web (as opposed to online databases, etc you may have used so far)

  6. read & take notes on your best sources

  7. revise your thesis and map out a preliminary argument

  8. write first draft

  9. conduct additional research as needed

  10. edit & re-write (incl format footnotes)

  11. have someone proofread paper

  12. final draft

These steps are included in the homework planner, where they're automatically inserted into your plan.

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Additional Resources:
  • The Harvard University Writing Center has an excellent article about the academic essay and what you are trying to accomplish when writing one.
  • The Research Project: How to Write It by Ralph Berry
  • Fit to Print: The Canadian Student’s Guide to Essay Writing by Joanne Buckley
  • The Research Essay: A Guide to Essays and Papers by Hugh Robertson
  • And as always, I can't help but recommend The Craft of Research by Booth, Colomb and Williams.