How the Planner Works

You need more than a calendar with deadlines.

You need to know when you'll do the work to meet those deadlines.

Step 1: Enter Assignment Details

In the time it takes to make a list of your deadlines, you can enter them here and have an instant, update-able semester plan.

When you enter each assignment, the planner offers a draft breakdown of how to complete that assignment, along with tentative dates that you can change to fit your preferences.

These "mini-deadlines" help you to stay on track with your homework, so your real deadlines don't sneak up on you.

Step 2: Review & Print out Your Homework Plan

From your assignment lists, the planner automatically generates customized homework checklists for every week until your final deadline of the semester.

You can print out your homework checklists by week, for the whole semester, or in calendar view.

And that's it. (Really.)

(By the way, I know you're curious how this thing actually computes all this. I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. So I won't. Tell you, that is.)

But hey, as a bonus...

  • Move tasks around by changing the week they're assigned to.
  • Check to receive email reminders.
  • Change the deadline, description or estimated time needed for any of your homework tasks.
  • Update your plan by just checking off what you've completed, and clicking Re-schedule.
    Yup, it's that easy.

Finish Your Classes with Better Grades and Less Stress.

“This program is SWEET! The research paper as individual steps is more useful than I ever could have imagined.”

~ Karen P., MBA student, Surrey BC