How to Organize Thesis Research Articles

One day you’re going to discover that you have 50 (or 100, or 200) research articles that you want to keep copies of because they contain information that may be useful to you again.

So, how do you organize your articles after the bibliographic data and key quotes have been entered into your citation software?

  1. Start a folder in your file cabinet.

  2. Make a list.
  3. Enter the first 3 key words of the article title (and the author's last name in brackets) into a list with sequential numbers next to each.

  4. Write the sequence number on the article.
  5. Handwrite the corresponding article number in the top left-hand corner of the front page of the article, next to the staple.

  6. File all the articles in numeric order.

Six months later when you want to find the hard copy of the article, just look at the organizer page, skim or Control-F to find the title or author you want, find the correct number and look it up in your file cabinet. Easy peasy.