How the Planner Helps You

Improve your grades by

  • having a clear plan of action
  • keeping up with your reading
  • being prepared for classes
  • being better prepared to talk with profs
  • staying on track with email reminders

Decrease your stress by

  • not allowing projects to "sneak up on you"
  • creating more free time
  • enjoying your social time (guilt-free!), because you've planned when the work will get done
  • having a weekly plan, which allows the best balance between flexibility and yet still limiting your procrastination
  • working on smaller, shorter tasks, rather than big ones
  • understanding the purpose and seeing the progress of your work
  • working week-by-week, rather than deadline to deadline

The Homework Tree Planner allows you to...

Get started quickly and easily
- because it does the planning for you

Keep your current time management habits
- because you just add Homework Tree. You get a weekly checklist of homework priorities - your daytimer manages the rest.

Update your plan quickly and easily
- because if you get behind or your prof changes an assignment, you don't need to erase (or white out!) all your homework plans.

Access your homework plan anywhere
- because you can print off your weekly checklists, or access them from any internet connected computer.

Limit your procrastination
- because you will have weekly goals, and email reminders for key tasks.

Spend time how you want
- because with a weekly (as opposed to daily) plan, you fit homework in when you want, without feeling "behind".

Develop your "self-control" muscle
- because when you use it every week, it becomes stronger for all the other areas of your life, too. (More on that by clicking here.)