Top 6 Study Hazards

Things to avoid:

  1. Don’t just read over your notes (even if you do it 50 times).
    • You must go beyond memory to understanding and analysis, so study in a way that helps you practice that.

  2. Don’t re-copy essays in an effort to “learn them”.

  3. Don’t wait until you have a few hours together before you start studying.

  4. Don’t allow yourself to get bored.
    • Change up your study strategies, topic or location. Whatever it takes to keep your mind active, because you are wasting your time with passive studying.

  5. Don’t succumb to procrastination.
    • Make a plan, and keep track of what you did and didn’t get done. Write down why you didn’t finish each task, so that your excuses are there before you in plain daylight.
  6. Don’t skip tutorials or classes, especially the week before an exam. And be on time!
    • Profs and TAs often provide helpful tips and clues to the exam at the very beginning or end of the classes prior to an exam.

This information was compiled partly from Good Study Skills by Bernice Walmsley, but mostly from plain, old experience.