Use of Reference Software

I highly recommend using some sort of reference software to manage your sources (and citing and bibliography, when you get into writing).

I found it an extremely useful way to keep track of what was discovered on the dozens of trips to various libraries over the course of my thesis.

I took 2 ½ years from start to finish, partly because I was working full-time for the last year and a half. I wish you a speedier project.

Some tools you may want to investigate include:
1. End Note (
I used Endnote for my master’s degree papers and loved it. Just enter the bibliographic info once, and then a simple control command will insert it wherever you want into MS Word, and format the bibliography, too.

It was especially helpful for my thesis because it had a lot of customizable fields, so I could manage my research by marking sources as being high, medium or low priority to read, or as being relevant to certain chapters.

You can also enter the call number and library of the books and articles you want to find, and then print out a list of sources available at a certain library in their call number order. This makes your actual library time very efficient, just walking the stacks and easily finding what you need.

The main point with End Note is that it is highly functional, and you can adapt it to your own organizational style.

2. Eazy Paper (

I’ve never used it, but take the tour because this looks helpful.

3. Style Ease (

Again, I’ve never used this, but hey, it might work.