We value people

You have something important to contribute to the world. At times in your life it may be a big, splashy, noticeable contribution; at other times, it will be quiet and unnoticed.

But it’s important nonetheless. And the best way for you to fully grow and fully contribute is for you to fully engage in whatever task is before you.

We value education

School changes people. It’s true you can be “educated” in all sorts of ways, in all sorts of places – reading a good book, volunteer activity, or a challenging project at work.

But there is nothing like the accountability of a formal, institutional educational setting—and especially the challenges of writing—to discipline you to learn to think and communicate more clearly and consistently. And meeting this challenge can transform you and enable you to more fully contribute your work and ideas to whatever endeavour you’re passionate about.

We value self-discipline

As a former high-level athlete and college coach, I know about discipline. And it sucks. (Let’s be honest.) It’s uncomfortable. But it’s valuable.
Perhaps the single greatest determining factor in achieving a goal is a person’s self-control.